Spiritual Sixth Sensory Practitioner, Transformational Healer and Keynote Speaker.

Elaine Jessica


Hi, I am Elaine Jessica, Spiritual Sixth Sensory Practitioner, Transformational Healer and Keynote Speaker. My life’s vision is Connection, Gratitude and Love. As a Channel, I connect with Spirit to provide messages of love, healing and validation for those who are missing their loved ones on the other side. People often realize during a session with me that they have been receiving their own messages and signs from their loved ones. They move forward in the knowing they too can receive signs from those they miss.

I specialize in helping people explore and release limiting beliefs, exposing their true selves and natural gifts. One of my teachers said “to know oneself is to realize the unlimited potential that lies within.” Her statement lives in my heart and is behind everything I do coupled with the understanding that we are embraced by the Love of the Universe.  My mission is to support and empower people to break away from what binds them in the unveiling of their true authentic selves.

My passion was born from my own life’s experiences and a calling to assist and support other’s in raising their Conscious Awareness of eternal love and happiness. It is with abundant gratitude that I am in service to people for connection with their loved ones on the other side, and to those who are looking to live more authentically and with greater happiness as they embrace joy and fulfillment in their lives.

About Me

To say I have always felt there was more is understated. My journey of discovery and my life’s experiences have defined who I have become and the perspective with which l live this life. My environment as a youth was not easy and it left me with much to overcome. Always ‘different’ and ‘sensitive’ much of my early years were spent retreating to an inner world of spirit and what was deemed as ‘make believe.’ Understanding now, I was living in a bubble of love, created for me by the Universe while I moved through my youth and young adulthood as my soul waited for the right time to discover my purpose.

Fitting in was something that did not come easily to me and as a result much of my schooling including my adult University education was by distance learning. There were many blessings that came of that as
I learned independence, determination and I became an entrepreneur building homes with love! There came a point in my life where I had to answer to the call of Service.

I spent about 10 years struggling with wanting to come ‘out of the closet’ so to speak and then the Universe shook me up to get my attention once and for all. I hit a moose while driving alone on the
highway. The aftermath of it was truly a process but… I finally listened. That was many years ago now and it does not define me, it is just part of my experience. Though my physical body isn’t the same as
before, it serves me well as I live my life with Whole Hearted Love and as I serve to be an expression of Love. I feel the rewards of this chosen way of life every single day!

What People Say

My journey with Elaine has been absolutely amazing-she is very gifted and thorough! I have been so honored to have had experienced Elaine’s intuitive guidance, life path profile, and several connections through her mediumship reading. I trust her abilities and appreciate her professionalism. I have never had someone guide me or read me so well. Personally, [Elaine] has a very caring and articulate way of delivery-which I love!

Debra from Chattanooga, Tennessee

Elaine’s reading was profound, accurate, compassionate, and most of all healing! She explained her approach, connected to my loved ones and gently delivered the messages. It left me with a lot to process and the healing continues. I have recommended Elaine to my friends and family and will make her part of my self-care plan!

Kenya from Normal, Illinois

Working with Elaine is such a comforting and uplifting experience. In our session, Elaine brought meaningful messages to me. A message from my father has been so impactful, it has added a whole new meaning and level of joy to my life and my creativity. If you are seeking clarity or want to know how your loved ones are, Elaine brings such clear and positive messages that you will feel comforted immediately as well as getting clear on your next steps.

Kathy from McKinney, Texas

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